This pic,taken by me…just inspired me,so I  wrote a little poem titled “When”, about the brevity of the life!


Tale defined


The species as a myth

Waiting for the end


Already some, but yet to be determined.

-Written by me,Luca Manetti-

Racconto definito


La specie come un mito

Aspettando la fine


Già certa,ma ancora da definire.

-scritta da me,Luca Manetti-


Black & Yellow…

Good evening everybody! This is my pic of the day…so do you like it? Black and yellow supersede all, a beauty sun behind the hills..a special mix! I’ve took this one about a few days ago. For me it a special photo, it makes me feel joy and it inspires me…and you? What about you? Just comment and explains your emotions! 

See you tomorrow, Luca

The first time…me!

Hi guys! This is my first post so I’ll write a little presentation of me. I’m Luca Manetti, I live in Italy, near Florence and I’m 17 years old. My principal passions are Tennis, Music and Photography. In this photo I’m in San Donato, a beautiful and colorful place. I went there with my friends. So everyday I’ll post something , maybe one of my photos. Hope you like them! My life is yours!

See you soon, Luca